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Come to "Arm£d Robbery $" It'd be criminal not to join us

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  • Come to "Arm£d Robbery $" It'd be criminal not to join us

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    “As far back as I can remember, I always wanted to be a gangster.”


    Arm£d Robbery $ are looking for active players that love to go to war and have fun along the way.

    Here are some reasons you may want to join us.
    • Inclusive alliance with respectful and friendly people
    • If you want to engage in the chat or on discord there's plenty of us who will happily join you
    • We have a very successful war record, are very competitive, punch above our weight and fight to the very last for a win, however, most of all we have fun together. We never lose sight of the fact that it is just a game
    • There's no pressure to perform, we advise, suggest, but never dictate
    • We do not insist you donate troops, use coalitions or troop tactics but we do appreciate it. The team comes above all else
    • We have players from all over the world
    Here is what we expect from you
    • Respect and friendly behaviour with fellow alliance members
    • Communication, participation and 100% effort in wars to win as many stars as possible and to use both attacks (unless life says otherwise)
    • We do have wartime rules which are found on our discord server and are to be followed
    • Every war we assign each player targets and form a war plan. The plan is open to discussion but once set shall be followed
    • We would prefer you join our discord server, but it is not mandatory
    • Most of all, it's a game. Have fun, compete and play hard for the team
    We like a balanced team so welcome all levels of players from Medieval Age to Space Age. If you join us please say hello, introduce yourself and then make a donation request if you wish. If you want to go to war with us we will first post a friendly challenge or two that we feel you should be able to 4 or 5 star, this is to evaluate your ability and war readiness, no pressure but please attack the challenges if you want to be considered for war. Ideally we do want players who, at a minimum, can 5 star opponents of an age and level that match their own. We will, however, welcome and include in wars some players who may require a little practice and development so long as they are willing, open to advice, have fun and bring a good attitude. We usually have a 1 day break once a war has finished before we spin again.

    Our minimum medals is set at 800. We can lower that on request to grant entry. You can reach us on Discord here:

    Server -

    Or contact one of us directly,

    We look forward to seeing you
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    "Everybody be cool this is a robbery"


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      Hit the vault.
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        "If you're good at something, never do it for free."


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            Big up AR$


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              your alliance’s name and motto “as far as i can remember i always wanted to be a gangsta”, the picture you posted with the mask suggest you are a group of cold-hearted thugs and gangsters, yet in the reasons to join you claim to be polite and friendly like a bunch of sissies.

              Which is it?
              Ch0s3nByG0dz - leader of DopeReach.


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