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"United Kingdoms" looking for worthy allies

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  • "United Kingdoms" looking for worthy allies

    Hello everyone, we are looking for a few members to bolster our ranks.

    We are a very active alliance, currently level 11. We are open to both newcomers and veterans . We have a few simple rules, stated in our alliance description upon joining:
    • Use English in the chat and be polite
    • Upon joining, you have to donate at least once before requesting a donation, we use this to filter out illiterate or inconsiderate people/leeches. Once you've donated, try to keep your donation/request ration 1:1 or in favor of donations for a while.
    • Be active in wars, meaning attack twice and attack smart, choose targets you can beat. We war constantly.
    • If you can't participate in a war, just untick the war box. Better that than us counting on you and you failing us.
    • Don't have multi accounts. We don't approve of any form of cheating or exploiting of the game.
    • If you plan to be away from the game for more than 10 days, let us know, otherwise you will be kicked. 10 days is a lot for someone dedicated to the game, I know, but this is to prevent kicking people in case something unforeseen has happened to make them unable to play the game.
    On a personal note, it's the only alliance I've ever been a part of and I joined it last summer when it was a level 9 alliance, I believe. Since then, they've helped me learn the ropes and grow to Atomic age. After a while I became the Co-Leader, which is usually given to proven active members. There's no egotripping, if you're worried about that, just normal people having fun and trying to effectively dominate other alliances.

    There you have it, I hope you've found yourself in this post and we can have you join us in this fun game.
    Cheers, Tach.

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    Bump. Not sure if there's even that many people that go on the forums to look for alliances, but I'll give it a go for a while still.


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      Still looking, got some members the normal way, but I'd love to see someone come from these forums