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Exciting changes at kings order

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  • Exciting changes at kings order

    Exciting changes are happening at Kings Order. The Kings Order alliances were set up in the early days of the game, and some of our members have been ever present since those early days. A friendly and active alliance, we are proud that we have never resorted to cheating in order to get the upper hand in wars.

    Kings Order and Kings Order 2 used to operate as two separate alliances with KO2 operating as a feeder alliance. However with fewer new players starting to play the game, KO2 has not been able to attract new lower age players. Couple that with the wars in the mother alliance being dominated by sandbaggers at 20v20 wars and above, we have decided to implement some changes to the structure of both alliances.

    As an experiment we are sharing the membership resources across both alliances to give a mixture of higher and lower ages in each, with the aim of running concurrent 15v15 wars in both.

    So if you are looking to join an established alliance, with a range of active members of all ages in each alliance, with the ability to move freely between both, then come and say hello at either Kings Order or Kings Order 2. All ages are welcomed, not just big guns!

    The only thing we ask is that you remain active, are polite and courteous to existing members, and that you are prepared to join our Slack chat app either on your mobile phone or PC.

    Look forward to welcoming you to the Kings Order family...

    Viscount (Vis to friends)
    Leader of Kings Order