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    Hello all,Aragon archers have slots open for active players who want to war.
    We war 3 times a week depending on head count.

    Discord is required for war.
    So if you need any more info you can message me here,or come over check us out.
    We have just reached Level 9 perks.
    Our war record is very good,working as a team.

    We also have a sister alliance 💥ONE,
    which do back to back wars so you have the best of both alliances come on over try us out.
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    Happy new year all in the domination world from Aragon archers


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      Hi everyone Aragon archers are looking for experienced players preferably Atomic age and above, to help our cause.
      If you fancy a change or just doing the rounds come on over and check us out.

      Discord is required for war, say hi and let’s have some fun.
      We are a level 8 perks alliance,so come on over and join the team.


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        Hi everyone Aragon archers have spaces open,ideally we are looking for Cold War but all are welcome.
        We do ask that you have discord to be ented in war this helps with communication and our war planning etc.
        Please say hi when joining helps brake the ice.
        If you have any questions you can message me thank you for your time.


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          Hey hey another win great team working as one


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            Hey guys we are still here fighting through the changes and adapting to the new.
            all are welcome.


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              We are still here chipping away relaxed having fun ,come on over check us out