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Scots Guards are looking for Players, over 25,000 glory and climbing

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  • Scots Guards are looking for Players, over 25,000 glory and climbing

    At Scots Guards, we are serious about World Wars, but we also like to have fun. Our in-game chat is almost always buzzing with players from around the world offering great tips for both beginners and war-scarred veterans. You will have a hard time finding a more strategic alliance when it comes to planning and executing a war plan

    We start a new War within hours of the previous one finishing, and as you can see by our Glory count of over 25,000 our efforts are paying off.

    Because we are grown-ups, we value respect and we don’t swear or use any bad language in our in game chat. We take players at any level even if you are just starting out we most likely have a spot for you in an upcoming War. so come on In and make sure to say hi, and check us out.

    We communicate using discord app as well, so both alliances are in contact with each other. But we do not insist on any apps it is totally up to yourself

    Scots Guards Join up now what are you waiting for

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    Still looking for good players to join us, come in for a chat and check us out


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      I am looking to join an alliance. I am advanced Cold War and my problem with my current alliance is that it is not offensive enough and has long holds on attacks preventing me from attacking when it is convenient.


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        all are welcome, we attack in war when we are ready to, no waiting, no outside apps required, no cursing and follow the war plan


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          Thanks for the response. I have been with my present alliance for years, so I am trying one last time to work through the issues. If not, I will seek you guys out.


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            Are you still recruiting? How many Cold War players do you have?


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              yes we are and 12 CWA players at the mo