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  • Alliance activity ideas

    I'm looking for ideas that I can do with our alliance to kind of spice things up, add some fun to the game while people are waiting for upgrades/resources....

    Here are a few I've come up with, but would like to get some more from the group on here.

    War Base Challenge
    Post your war base and alliance member attack it. The best attack at each age is the winner.

    Resource Base Challenge
    Same as above, but members can vote on who has the best resource protection base.

    Quickest MP 5 star (one week time frame)
    Post replays of your fastest MP 5 star win. Quickest time wins.

    Best raid
    Person with the highest combined loot wins (oil can be it's own category)

    Anyone have any other ideas we could do as an alliance to help spice up the game?


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    In our alliance (BHU), after our diminutive serving wenches complete their daily chores, we have naked egg tossing contests after all the ale has been consumed.


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      I would like to see internal wars become something supported by the game itself. Have two captains and then have them pick 9, 14, 19 players for their team. Yes, technically you could do this with an external chat app and a fair amount of organization. Or by creating a new alliance for one team to go to and hoping you get the head-to-head just right. But it shouldn't be particularly difficult to put such infrastructure in the game.

      An option for internal tournaments would be cool too.

      Or the most far fetched, a World Cup type setup. 32 players divided into 8 pools. Each player attacks and defends once against each other player in their pool. Usual war tiebreakers apply. Top 8 or 16 from pool play advance to the knockout stage.

      All of these things are possible but it would take a ''commissioner/record keeper'' and a lot of buy in.

      I would also like an expansion of alliance ranks. Leader, coleader, council is rather limiting. I'd like to see at least twice the amount of ranks honestly.

      I'd also like to see war awards. MVP, Best Attacker, Best Defender, Most Improved. Perhaps the devs could devise a formula for them and they'd be automatically calculated or just given at the leader's discretion.

      Your warbase challenge idea is a good one and far more practical than any of mine. Since we're throwing ideas out there though.....


      • chris.dominations
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        Great ideas Bootney.

        We just started our first Inter-Alliance war. This is what we did:

        2 captains take turns picking players. (we did 9 each for a total of 10 on each team)
        The captain that picked second had his team post all of their war bases in friendly challenge (we did this to help make up for having to pick second)
        Everyone on the other team gets 1 attack each.
        After all bases have been hit, the other team posts their war bases.

        The team with the most stars wins. In the event of a tie, it goes to sudden death, captains duel. They both post war bases again, this time.... No armies allowed.

        So far my team really likes it, and it helps keep the game fun.

      • DIEKING
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        In my alliance we organize internal wars, we choose 20 people and we divide them into two groups, we assign 4 co-leaders to review the attacks and defenses and give advice to the members, it has been very good to help the players grow, but It needs a lot of external organization to do that, it would be a very good option for the game to do that, I think it would motivate more than the challenges that can currently be launched.

        The idea of World Cup is very interesting....

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      Great idea to share Alliance activities!

      Do you have any fun challenges you do with your Alliance?
      • Most unique layout?
      • Suggest-a-motto challenge?
      • World War MVP nominations?
      Let's hear yours!
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        Watch WW replays and try to guess if the defending player have completed Hold The Gates capstone, or not
        The 1st Dynasty


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          We sometimes organize a war with only the low-level players. We call it "The Chicks War". Funny to see that our no1 is a powder. But our chicks are performing very well.

          And we give a name to each war that we are playing. It has to do with the ennemy and it must be something that you can eat. Funny discussions...


          • Manifesto
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            Is that a sΓͺxist thing?
            But I'm guessing it's chicks as in baby chickens.
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          Used to do a climb medal race 200 to 1000 in an older alliance
          Did oil loot competition a few times. (30mins or 1h)


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            One more idea:

            Flawless Victory
            Challenge everyone in your alliance to post a replay of an attack where they didn't loose a single troop. For this challenge, you can't use mercs, alliance troops or armies.


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              These are all great suggestions. I wish Nexon offered more in game support for such inter alliance interaction.


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                It would be great if Nexon created a communication app synced to the game account!


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                  I am intrigued with the idea of inner wars in an alliance. This could also be done by creating an alliance for such activities. Even between ALLIANCES that have multiple ALLIANCES. Limitless possibilities
                  I think this concept can be the next best thing in training members. We will deffinately be putting this into motion. Can even be used for grudge matches.

                  Example, RR GM- Ratpack Reapers Grudge Match ,alliance
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                    As promised, we at Ratpack Reapers have put internal wars one step closer to completion by creating a grudge match alliance. A.O.A.G.M.W. ALLIANCE HAS BEEN ESTABLLISED FOR INTERNAL WARS AND GRUDGE MATCHES WITH OTHER ALLIANCES. AS soon as our war is over, A.O.A.G.M.W. HERE WE COME !!!!!!!!!!!!


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                      We have done something like this to improve donations. We have established a ranking system for the numbers those donate to others. This not only improves donation numbers but it also promotes a friendly competition by members against each other which helps everyone in the alliance in the long run. We also have a dedicated group of leaders who every month vote a member of the month who has contributed the most effort as well as shown outstanding contributions in donating, new ideas etc. This voted member's name is then posted on your website as our member of the month to honor these efforts. Likewise we also have a member of the year which will be voted on later.
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                        Sometimes I think I want to mess with war opponents by copying our mirrors base, as similar as possible.
                        Or us create the same war base.
                        And then since I'm, apparently the only active girl in alliance, I would give virtual kiss to everyone who scores perfectly on enemy's rank 1.
                        Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.


                        • Ravenstyx
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                          Problem with this scenario well a few actually. First by doing this, you incorporate their weaknesses as well because of any flaws in the layouts of what they have. Secondly if you have weaker upgrades then your mirror you may not have as suitable of an effect as they might in their layouts

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                        Ravenstyx don't worry, I only do that when I'm bored πŸ˜„
                        Improvise. Adapt. Overcome.