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Usual Suspects is looking for a few good warfighters

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  • Usual Suspects is looking for a few good warfighters

    Usual Suspects is looking for experienced players to join. We are a war alliance with an excellent record; in over a year of back-to-back wars, we’ve only lost 2 wars. We’ve lost count of our wins, but it’s well over 100. As I mentioned, we war back-to-back, so we’ve constantly got one going on. Checking the war box is mandatory in our alliance – no farmers needed.

    As of this posting, the alliance features are as follows:
    • Alliance Perk level 7
    • Glory at 22,300+, not too far off of leaderboard
    • English-speaking chat, but we welcome all comers
    • Line app chat room where we discuss strategy, post base designs, videos, screenshots, game news, etc.
    • No silly troop donation requirements or other nonsensical member duties; our atomic and global players cover most donations, so you’ll get good troops here
    • Those with good warbase designs who demonstrate competent attack capability earn their spots in the war rotations
    • Friendly and helpful members and leadership - we help each other with quests and other goals
    • No drama tolerated, and no kid gloves when it comes to chat
    • Main alliance is invite-only, sister alliance is open recruitment
    • Alts welcome too
    We’re looking for more global or atomic players, as we’ve got the middle and lower ends pretty much covered. We value skill more than age, though, so if you're not quite GA/AA that's not necessarily a dealbreaker. PM me if you're interested or just drop in, we try to keep a few slots open for new blood. Alternatively, you can find me on Line app, my ID is jack96usa...

    We've also recently started a sister alliance, Unusual Suspect, which has open recruitment. This alliance has no war rotations - everyone wars every time, with back-to-back wars. This serves as a sort of development alliance from which the best players can join the main alliance. If you're not quite at a high level of development yet this is a good place to learn from experienced players and develop your bases, armies, and skills.

    We are ALL about winning wars. If you like to war and are interested in joining a winning team, give us a look.
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    Since this posting we've created a sister alliance, Unusual Suspect. Sort of a training alliance... Check out both.


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      We've still got slots available in both alliances, check us out!


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        Still hiring... Both alliances are filling up. In the main alliance we're selective and play to win, in the sister alliance everyone wars, everyone learns, everyone gets loot. Take your pick...


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          Still recruiting. We've moved to invite-only for the main alliance, but the sister alliance is still open. Check us out!


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            Over 22K glory now, still have slots open. Alliance level 6, halfway to 7.
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              Just hit Alliance Level 7, still recruiting...


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                Alleanza Italia Top10
                è un progetto di consolidare una perfetta alleanza ... sara un mix di contadini e guerrieri
                Membri che collaborano al progresso e sviluppo dell'alleanza .... Top10
                l'esperienza del leader non manca.liv 155 eta industriale ( max con tutto) e con tante battaglie vinte nella guerra (1300 stelle vinte in guerra).
                Chi vuole puo scegliere di non partecipare alle guerre.puo rimanere e crescere tranquillo.i consigli non mancherano e in pocco tempo diventano esperti nell gioco.
                Invece per quelli che vogliono partecipare in guerra sara 1 guerra ogni 2 giorni e sicuramente saranno vinte sotto il comando del leader Gulio Cesare.
                Per quelli piu attivi e che vogliono cariche saranno anche i gradi finche avranno l'ultimo, quello di CO-LEADER
                Siete il benvenuti nell'alleanza Italia Top10
                Click image for larger version

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