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Nations League: If You Like to Dominate, We Like You!

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  • Nations League: If You Like to Dominate, We Like You!

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    Tired of raiding all by your lonesome? Bored by the humdrum of your current alliance? Do you want to be a part of the greatest alliance ever invented by man?!

    If so, Nations League is for you! This illustrious alliance is looking for mature, respectful, active, players at all levels of experience.

    Opportunities for advancement for skilled, active, constructive allies.

    We are currently focused on resource protection, maximizing defense, and aggressive raiding. We war regularly and WIN, clobbering our enemies. We welcome higher levels currently medal climbing, as your expertise are a valuable asset, as well as lower levels looking to improve their game and be part of something spectacular.

    Our criteria for membership are:
    1. Be active.
    A good ratio of troop donations:requests is strongly encouraged (a minimum of 25 of each is required for active status), as is upgrading your base/troops as frequently as possible.
    2. Minimum 500 - 800 medal count for entry.
    Reducing medals once you are accepted is permitted, but this initial count will let us know you are serious about being active.
    3. Willingness to grow and advance your civilization.
    If you recognize that your design or strategies need improvement mention that in your Join Request; be open to the advice of your allies, especially the successful ones.
    4. Be respectful.
    We are a fun group and enjoy banter, but be mindful that not all humour translates well electronically; the right to enjoy the game in a pleasant environment will be protected for all allies.
    5. Be aged 18 years or over.
    Sometimes the content of chat is not appropriate for younger allies, and we take our responsibilities as adults seriously; please find a more suitable alliance if you are a minor.
    6. Chat is mandatory for war.
    We run organized, cooperative, wars where communication between warring allies is essential. If you do not wish to chat regularly with your team do not ask to be in war and opt-out on the alliance page.

    All applicants will be evaluated prior to acceptance (in game). If you have specific concerns, please address them in the text of your Join Request (e.g., base design needing assistance) otherwise you risk being declined. All applicants must read and agree to our alliance and war rules visible on our website ( by using the verification phrase as found on our website, or risk being declined/kicked. All allies stats are recorded weekly by council and inactive players are subject to dispatch without notice (extended absences should be reported to, and acknowledged by, council should you wish to secure your place). Activity in chat is strongly encouraged. Being social makes the game more enjoyable for everyone- especially during those long raiding sessions, am I right!?- but also offering your insights, perspectives, and tips could greatly benefit fellow allies and the alliance as a whole.

    We are looking for good quality allies that will contribute to the positive growth of our alliance. Being super awesome is a bonus, but not required (if you're just plain ol' awesome, we'll still consider you)

    Join the ranks of the spectacular Nations League today and we shall impale our enemies together!!!

    Please see the following post for some information about our wars.

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    We have been warring since the beginning and we show our enemy NO MERCY!

    As you can see from our infographic below, we have an impressive 83% win rate (74 wins versus 15 losses). We war twice a week, beginning on Tuesday and Friday. Nations League is an incredibly friendly alliance welcoming all level of player hoping to enjoy the game. While we take winning wars seriously, and have an excellent strategy, we are not necessarily concerned with the stress that can be associated with a focus on ranking. If you are looking for an alliance to have fun in, that also enjoys participating in wars, then perhaps we are for you! We currently are riding a 9 WAR WIN STREAK!!!! (Congratulations to the Russian alliance that knocked us off our previous 19 war win streak!!!)

    Right now we have a reliable ten warriors leaving a wake of destruction in their path, but we would love to have YOU join us and get that roster up! We often clobber our enemies achieving an average of 91% total medals (in fact, 87% of our total wars have been above 80% maximum medals and 75% of our wars have been above 90% maximum medals)!!!! When we do lose it is a very close war- we give our enemies a real fight. If you would like to verify our current war record, please pop on by and take a look for yourself! Notice over our last ten wars our average score was a whopping 96% versus 60%!!!

    Now is not the time to hesitate, come and join our ranks, together we will make our enemies suffer!

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      Come join our great alliance!


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        Up, up, up!


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          Still looking for active players; come check us out!


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            Bumping this up (instead of creating like ten new posts....cause that's how I roll )


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              Up we go!!!!


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                Nice emblem. If you have open spots I'll join, been looking for an active alliance


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                  Glad ya like it We do still have spots available so come on by!


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                    Bumping this up!


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                      We are still accepting active allies!


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                        Up up up!!!


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                          Updated our crest and some new alliance criteria; we're still looking for good quality allies!!!! Come on by and check us out!


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                            Bumping this up!


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                              Geeet back up there, you post you!