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  • Posting Guidelines

    These general guidelines encourage good communication when posting in the Nexon M forum. Viewing these tips will ensure that your fellow community members will understand you.
    • Use the search function to see if there are threads already created on the subject.
    • Creating a thread? Look to see if your topic is in the correct category before publishing.
    • Keep posts on topic to the thread you're in.
    • Double check your post to make sure it’s easy to read! Make sure to use punctuation and basic grammar to avoid confusion.
    • Go easy on the Caps-lock. Caps are known to SCREAM at someone.
    • Avoid posting or creating meaningless threads just to increase your post count.
    • Consider taking the extra second to “Like” a post that’s worthy.
    • Most importantly, show kindness to the newcomers. Remember, you were once new, too!
    We thank you for taking the initiative to “Like” a post that you recognized to be helpful in effort to show good work. They will appreciate it!

    Please read up on our Forum Rules and help make this a welcoming environment for all!
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