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Nexon M Forum and Stream Chat Rules

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  • Nexon M Forum and Stream Chat Rules

    Nexon M Forum and Stream Chat Rules
    (updated 07/13/2015)

    Welcome to the Nexon M forums! As an user of Nexon M products and forum, you have already agreed to the Terms of Service as stated by the developer(s) and publisher. The community forum is a place to socialize, engage in discussion and express concerns, and converse with other members in a respectful manner. Enjoy your visit and remember to have fun!

    Helpful Links
    Posting Guidelines
    Account Security
    Nexon M Terms of Service

    First and foremost, opinions are always welcomed on the Nexon M forums. With that said, we do expect you to respect the opinions of others, even if you do not agree.
    • Do not use conflicts you have with other forum members as discussion points.
    • You have an opinion about Nexon M and its services? Please post it constructively.
    We understand that English may not be the native language for some members of the forum, but the games and the majority of the community are English speakers. Please do your best to write coherently for readers to understand. We recommend Google Translator for assistance.

    Community Rules
    Keep in mind, there is another person on the other side of your screen. Please treat everyone the way you wish to be treated in return. If you’re upset enough to think about breaching our rules, take a day to calm down before posting, and report the behavior you're concerned about to our Customer Serviceteam.

    General Behavior
    • Any attempts to rally other players to action against the company will not be tolerated.
    • Foul language is absolutely not permitted.
    • No harassment, bullying, or stalking of other Nexon M players or moderators.
      • Hate speech, or hateful images or behavior is not allowed!
      • No name calling or racist remarks!
      • No nationalistic implications that may create offense to a certain nation, or to ethnic, religious or racial groups.
    • Do not spam the forums or bump posts.
    • We do not allow the promotion of referral and phishing websites.
    • Do not post images on the forums that promote adult content, such as pornography.
    • Refrain from quoting inappropriate images or text.
    • We do not allow you to transfer, sell or buy accounts for any reason, ever.
    • No offensive player/alliance names.
    • Do not try to evade forum bans.
    Cheating & Exploiting
    • Cheating of any kind in Nexon M games is prohibited
    • Do not exploit game bugs or glitches - report them to our Support Team!
    • Do not use third-party systems to hack Nexon M games
    • Do not encourage other users to cheat in Nexon M games
      • If you find any cheaters or hackers, please report them to our Support Team!
    Players can reply to threads appropriately with answers or questions, but they cannot attempt to direct the course of a thread by instructing the original poster (OP) or others on how to respond.
    • Do not impersonate, defame or libel:
      • Nexon M Community Members
      • Nexon M Employees
      • Nexon M Moderators
      • Developers
    Twitch Stream Rules
    Please take this opportunity to acknowledge our Twitch chat policy. Most rules are comparable to the forum regulations above. The chat is moderated by forum moderators and community managers. The twitch channel is not a place to contact Customer Service. We have a support system in place for players to file tickets if they require assistance regarding account and billing inquiries.
    • Attempting to pass as any Nexon M representative will result in a permanent ban.
    • No inappropriate discussions or links such as controversial, illegal, (pirating, drugs, other illicit topics, etc), profane, or adult content.
    • Do not post images that are insulting, or that contain adult content/pornography or violence.
    • Do not spam to overwhelm the Twitch chat.
    • We do not allow the promotion of referral websites.
    • No harassment, trolling or inflammatory comments!
    • Account trading is a violation of Nexon M’s Terms of Use. Asking for free or unused accounts will not be tolerated.
    The Forum and Twitch chat rules of conduct are enforced at the Community Managers' and Moderators’ discretion; the appropriate course of action will be taken if abusive behaviors warrant it. Excessive abuse may result in the termination of game accounts and all associated accounts.
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